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ViewProperties Class Reference

#include <viewproperties.h>

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Detailed Description

Maintains the view properties like 'view mode' or 'show hidden files' for a directory.

The view properties are automatically stored inside the directory as hidden file called '.dolphinview'. To read out the view properties just construct an instance by passing the URL of the directory:

 ViewProperties props(KURL("/home/peter/Documents"));
 const DolphinView::Mode mode = props.viewMode();
 const bool showHiddenFiles = props.isShowHiddenFilesEnabled();
When modifying a view property, the '.dolphinview' file is automatically updated inside the destructor.

Peter Penz

Definition at line 47 of file viewproperties.h.

Public Member Functions

bool isAutoSaveEnabled () const
bool isShowHiddenFilesEnabled () const
bool isValidForSubDirs () const
void save ()
void setAutoSaveEnabled (bool autoSave)
void setShowHiddenFilesEnabled (bool show)
void setSorting (DolphinView::Sorting sorting)
void setSortOrder (Qt::SortOrder sortOrder)
void setValidForSubDirs (bool valid)
void setViewMode (DolphinView::Mode mode)
DolphinView::Sorting sorting () const
Qt::SortOrder sortOrder () const
void updateTimeStamp ()
DolphinView::Mode viewMode () const
 ViewProperties (KURL url)

Private Attributes

bool m_autoSave
bool m_changedProps
QString m_filepath
PropertiesNode m_node
bool m_subDirValidityHidden


class  Properties
class  PropertiesNode

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