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void Dolphin::slotDeleteFileFinished ( KIO::Job *  job  )  [private, slot]

Indicates in the status bar that the delete operation of the job job has been finished.

Definition at line 595 of file dolphin.cpp.

References DolphinView::reload(), DolphinStatusBar::setMessage(), and DolphinView::statusBar().

Referenced by deleteItems().

    if (job->error() == 0) {
        m_activeView->statusBar()->setMessage(i18n("Delete operation completed."),

        // TODO: In opposite to the 'Move to Trash' operation in the class KFileIconView
        // no rearranging of the item position is done when a file has been deleted.
        // This is bypassed by reloading the view, but it might be worth to investigate
        // deeper for the root of this issue.

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