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void Dolphin::createFile (  )  [private, slot]

Creates a file with the MIME type given by the sender.

Definition at line 420 of file dolphin.cpp.

References UndoManager::addCommand(), Dolphin::CreateFileEntry::comment, Dolphin::CreateFileEntry::name, DolphinStatusBar::setMessage(), DolphinView::statusBar(), Dolphin::CreateFileEntry::templatePath, and DolphinView::url().

    // Parts of the following code have been taken
    // from the class KonqPopupMenu located in
    // libqonq/konq_popupmenu.h of Konqueror.
    // (Copyright (C) 2000  David Faure <faure@kde.org>,
    // Copyright (C) 2001 Holger Freyther <freyther@yahoo.com>)


    // TODO: const Entry& entry = m_createFileTemplates[QString(sender->name())];
    // should be enough. Anyway: the implemantation of [] does a linear search internally too.
    KSortableValueList<CreateFileEntry, QString>::ConstIterator it = m_createFileTemplates.begin();
    KSortableValueList<CreateFileEntry, QString>::ConstIterator end = m_createFileTemplates.end();

    const QString senderName(sender()->name());
    bool found = false;
    CreateFileEntry entry;
    while (!found && (it != end)) {
        if ((*it).index() == senderName) {
            entry = (*it).value();
            found = true;
        else {

    DolphinStatusBar* statusBar = m_activeView->statusBar();
    if (!found || !QFile::exists(entry.templatePath)) {
        statusBar->setMessage(i18n("Could not create file."), DolphinStatusBar::Error);

    // Get the source path of the template which should be copied.
    // The source path is part of the URL entry of the desktop file.
    const int pos = entry.templatePath.findRev('/');
    QString sourcePath(entry.templatePath.left(pos + 1));
    sourcePath += KDesktopFile(entry.templatePath, true).readPathEntry("URL");

    QString name(i18n(entry.name));
    // Most entry names end with "..." (e. g. "HTML File..."), which is ok for
    // menus but no good choice for a new file name -> remove the dots...
    name.replace("...", QString::null);

    // add the file extension to the name
    name.append(sourcePath.right(sourcePath.length() - sourcePath.findRev('.')));

    // Check whether a file with the current name already exists. If yes suggest automatically
    // a unique file name (e. g. "HTML File" will be replaced by "HTML File_1").
    const KURL viewURL(m_activeView->url());
    const bool fileExists = viewURL.isLocalFile() &&
                            QFileInfo(viewURL.path(+1) + KIO::encodeFileName(name)).exists();
    if (fileExists) {
        name = KIO::RenameDlg::suggestName(viewURL, name);

    // let the user change the suggested file name
    bool ok = false;
    name = KInputDialog::getText(entry.name,
    if (!ok) {
        // the user has pressed 'Cancel'

    // before copying the template to the destination path check whether a file
    // with the given name already exists
    const QString destPath(viewURL.prettyURL() + "/" + KIO::encodeFileName(name));
    const KURL destURL(destPath);
    if (KIO::NetAccess::exists(destURL, false, this)) {
        statusBar->setMessage(i18n("A file named %1 already exists.").arg(name),

    // copy the template to the destination path
    const KURL sourceURL(sourcePath);
    KIO::CopyJob* job = KIO::copyAs(sourceURL, destURL);
    if (KIO::NetAccess::synchronousRun(job, this)) {
        statusBar->setMessage(i18n("Created file %1.").arg(name),

        KURL::List list;
        DolphinCommand command(DolphinCommand::CreateFile, list, destURL);

    else {
        statusBar->setMessage(i18n("Creating of file %1 failed.").arg(name),

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