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void DolphinView::slotChangeNameFilter ( const QString &  nameFilter  )  [private, slot]

Filters the currently shown items by nameFilter. All items which contain the given filter string will be shown.

Definition at line 1032 of file dolphinview.cpp.

    // The name filter of KDirLister does a 'hard' filtering, which
    // means that only the items are shown where the names match
    // exactly the filter. This is non-transparent for the user, which
    // just wants to have a 'soft' filtering: does the name contain
    // the filter string?
    QString adjustedFilter(nameFilter);
    adjustedFilter.insert(0, '*');


    // TODO: this is a workaround for QIconView: the item position
    // stay as they are by filtering, only an inserting of an item
    // results to an automatic adjusting of the item position. In Qt4/KDE4
    // this workaround should get obsolete due to Interview.
    KFileView* view = fileView();
    if (view == m_iconsView) {
        KFileItem* first = view->firstFileItem();
        if (first != 0) {

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