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void DolphinView::setSorting ( Sorting  sorting  ) 

Sets the sort order of the items inside a directory (see DolphinView::Sorting).

Definition at line 397 of file dolphinview.cpp.

References ViewProperties::setSorting(), signalSortingChanged(), sorting(), and url().

Referenced by DolphinDetailsView::slotHeaderClicked(), Dolphin::sortByDate(), Dolphin::sortByName(), and Dolphin::sortBySize().

    if (sorting != this->sorting()) {
        KFileView* view = fileView();
        int spec = view->sorting() & ~QDir::Name & ~QDir::Size & ~QDir::Time & ~QDir::Unsorted;

        switch (sorting) {
            case SortByName: spec = spec | QDir::Name; break;
            case SortBySize: spec = spec | QDir::Size; break;
            case SortByDate: spec = spec | QDir::Time; break;
            default: break;

        ViewProperties props(url());


        emit signalSortingChanged(sorting);

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