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void DolphinStatusBar::setMessage ( const QString &  msg,
Type  type 

Sets the message text to msg. Dependant from the given type type an icon is shown and the color of the text is adjusted. The height of the statusbar is automatically adjusted in a way, that the full text fits into the available width.

If a progress is ongoing and a message with the type Type::Error is set, the progress is cleared automatically.

Definition at line 68 of file dolphinstatusbar.cpp.

References setProgress(), StatusBarMessageLabel::setText(), and StatusBarMessageLabel::setType().

Referenced by Dolphin::addUndoOperation(), Dolphin::createFile(), Dolphin::createFolder(), DolphinView::rename(), DolphinView::renameSelectedItems(), Dolphin::slotDeleteFileFinished(), Dolphin::slotHandleJobError(), DolphinView::updateStatusBar(), and ProgressIndicator::~ProgressIndicator().

    if (msg.isEmpty() || (msg == m_defaultText)) {
        type = Default;

    if ((type == Error) && (m_progress < 100)) {
        // If an error message is shown during a progress is ongoing,
        // the (never finishing) progress information should be hidden immediately
        // (invoking 'setProgress(100)' only leads to a delayed hiding).

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