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DolphinSettings Class Reference

#include <dolphinsettings.h>

Inheritance diagram for DolphinSettings:


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Detailed Description

Manages and stores all settings from Dolphin.

The following properties are stored:

Definition at line 49 of file dolphinsettings.h.

Public Member Functions

KBookmark bookmark (int index) const
KBookmarkManager * bookmarkManager () const
DolphinView::Mode defaultViewMode () const
DolphinDetailsViewSettingsdetailsView () const
const KURL & homeURL () const
DolphinIconsViewSettingsiconsView (DolphinIconsView::LayoutMode mode) const
bool isSaveView () const
bool isURLEditable () const
bool isViewSplit () const
leftSidebarSettings * leftsidebar () const
rightSidebarSettings * rightsidebar () const
virtual void save ()
void setDefaultViewMode (DolphinView::Mode mode)
void setHomeURL (const KURL &url)
void setSaveView (bool yes)
void setURLEditable (bool editable)
void setViewSplit (bool split)

Static Public Member Functions

static DolphinSettingsinstance ()

Private Types

enum  BookmarkHint { Home = 0, Media = 1, Network = 2, Root = 3 }

Private Attributes

DolphinView::Mode m_defaultMode
KURL m_homeURL
bool m_isSaveView
bool m_isURLEditable
bool m_isViewSplit
leftSidebarSettings * m_leftsidebar
rightSidebarSettings * m_rightsidebar

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